The Attitude of Gratitude

I frequently speak of my experience of striving to become complaint -free.  A corollary to that experience is cultivating an attitude of gratitude.  It is a lot easier to focus on and celebrate what you are grateful for when you are not dragged down by those negative nuisances that creep into your thoughts in form of complaints.

In fact, it is sort of a cyclical and symbiotic thing:  when you are thanking God for every aspect of your life, even the challenges, there is nor room for complaining.  And when you are not complaining, you become aware of so much more to be grateful for.

Here are two links that I think speak well to consciously developing an attitude of gratitude.  The first considers some biblical foundations for gratitude:


The second is more of a “how to” for working towards a life that expresses gratitude:

6 Ways to Keep an Attitude of Gratitude

However you get there, on the path to a more thankful life, a more gracious and compassionate life, it will be worth the journey.


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